The Winning Mind: Set the Competitive Edge (Self-Hypnois & Meditation)

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Each technique also has a different body position, listening to different words from self or other sounds, and have different time lines on how long it will take to master. During hypnosis or meditation, the person is still conscious where relaxation, it is okay if you fall asleep. I have noticed that mediation and self-hypnosis are techniques that can be completed while accomplishing something else, eating or walking. The other techniques need to either be sitting or lying down to get the full affect. A Self-Hypnosis video to try: Hypnosis: Confidence, Tenacious, Winning Mindset, the Lion, the Champion Mind Programming Example of how I felt after listening to the video: During the video, I noticed that I wanted to close my eyes so I could focus on what was being said, but at the same time I wanted to watch the video for some reason.

I kept trying to keep my eyes closed, but for some reason I always ended up reopening them within a couple of minutes. I think I was doing this because I was sitting at my desk trying to relax. It was very hard for me to relax at my desk because I am usually stressed when I sit here trying to complete all of my work.

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I did notice that my shoulders were tense because of typing on my computer. Listening to him made me realize I put unnecessary tension throughout my body.

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I think I will try to do listen to the video again while in my bed, where I know I can always become relaxed at. When I went into my bed and shut the lights off, I was able to relax a lot more. I started to focus better, loose all tension, and feel refreshed.

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Courage in the face of defeat: this is important. If you fall off a horse you should be able to get up on it again.


Self consciousness: when you are performing, you must remember nothing else but the game. Need for perfection: while it is good to be a perfectionist, sometimes even this need for perfection stands in the way of your improvement. Self Hypnosis misconceptions! Ideally, you should choose a place where you are least likely to be disturbed and interrupted.

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Relax your body—take several long, slow and deep breaths. Now close your eyes and conjure a positive and vivid image in your mind. So if you lose track of your image—as you might, just admit the distraction before you let it go.

You can focus better once you let go. Stay in focus with the help of slow and deep calming breaths.

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Maintaining a positive attitude throughout, even when you are getting distracted is important. It will help you to keep at it.

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Rather than treating mindfulness as an abstract way of freeing yourself temporarily from the pressures of day-to-day life, it wants you to channel your stresses and anxieties directly into achievement. Change your mindset. With Primed Mind mindset coaching you will be ready for anything, be more motivated, assertive and focused. With the guidance of your personal mindset coach Elliot Roe, his voice will allow you to experience transformative visualization, goal-setting and relaxation techniques. Dive into powerful multi-day Mindset Courses to develop confidence, growth, focus, control, health, communication and recovery skills.

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Primed Mind Goals For those who find meditation and relaxation challenging, Primed Mind makes it feel grounded and purposeful. With our Conquer Anything channel you can start overcoming different anxieties such as; stage fright, fear of flying or any general anxiety. Developing the right mindset was key to his success. Are you ready to achieve your goals? Reviews Review Policy.