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Nany is in the Hall of Judgment. Holding her mouth and eyes in her hand, she stands to the left of a large scale. Her heart is being weighed against Maat, the goddess of justice and truth, who is represented as a tiny figure wearing her symbol, a single large feather, in her headband.

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On the right, Osiris, god of the underworld and rebirth, presides over the scene. He wears the white crown of Upper Egypt and the curving beard of a god.

His body is wrapped like a mummy except for his hands, which clasp a crook. On the table before him is an offering of a joint of beef. Behind Nany stands the goddess Isis, both wife and sister of Osiris.

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She is identified by the hieroglyph above her head. In this scene, Nany has been found truthful and therefore worthy of entering the afterlife.

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Anubis says to Osiris, "Her heart is an accurate witness, "and Osiris replies," Give her her eyes and her mouth, since her heart is an accurate witness. Public Domain. Singer Valve Rolling Diaphragm. Find the technical specs and resources you need to keep your project on schedule. Eliminate project costs with innovative and high performing water control valves.

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