The Quiet Don: The Untold Story of Mafia Kingpin Russell Bufalino

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anthony M.

The Quiet Don: The Untold Story of Mafia Kingpin Russell Bufalino by Matt Birkb

DeStefano takes you inside John Gotti's inner circle to reveal the dark hearts and violent deeds of the most remorseless and cold-blooded characters in organized crime. Men so vicious even the other mafia families were terrified of them.

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Meet Gotti's Boys The Mob was the biggest, richest business in America And by guys like Sal Polisi. As a member of New York's feared Colombo Family, Polisi ran the Sinatra Club, an illegal after-hours gambling den that was a magic kingdom of crime and a hangout for up-and-coming mobsters. But the nonstop thrills of Polisi's criminal glory days abruptly ended. Genovese, Gambino, Bonnano, Colombo, and Lucchese.

Today, the Mafia is an endangered species, battered and beleaguered by aggressive investigators, incompetent leadership, betrayals, and generational changes that produced violent, unreliable leaders and recruits. Born in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, Joseph Bonanno found his future amid the whiskey-running, riotous streets of Prohibition America in , when he illegally entered the United States to pursue his dreams.

By the age of only 26, Bonanno became a don. Joe Barboza knew that there were two requirements for getting inducted into the Mafia. You had to be Sicilian. And you had to commit a contract killing. The New Bedford-born mobster was a proud Portuguese, not Sicilian, but his dream to be part of La Cosa Nostra proved so strong that he thought he could create a loophole. In this blistering street-level account, "Mafia survivor" Frank DiMatteo teams up with true-crime master Michael Benson to take down one of the most notorious figures in the American La Cosa Nostra.

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This is the real inside story of Carmine "The Snake" Persico, from his crime-filled childhood on the streets of Brooklyn to the long-term jail sentences that didn't stop him from controlling his criminal empire, with the help of his brother - the equally kill-crazy Alphonse "Allie Boy" Persico. The definitive portrait of the powerful, corruption-ridden Teamsters union and its legendary president Jimmy Hoffa - organizer, gangster, convict, and conspirator - with a new afterword by the author.

Vincent "Chin" Gigante. He started out as a professional boxer - until he found his true calling as a ruthless contract killer. His doting mother's pet name for the boy evolved into his famous alias, "Chin", a nickname that struck fear throughout organized crime as he routinely ordered the murders of mobsters who violated the Mafia code. Alfonso "Little Al" D'Arco, the former acting boss of the Luchese crime family, was the highest-ranking mobster to ever turn government witness when he flipped in His decision to flip prompted many others to make the same choice, including John Gotti's top aide, Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, and his testimony sent more than fifty mobsters to prison.

In organizing the historic meeting of crime chieftains in ? Even in the production of The Godfather movie.

Secretive - even reclusive - Russell Bufalino quietly built his organized crime empire in the decades between Prohibition and the Carter presidency. His reach extended far beyond the coal country of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and quaint Amish farms near Lancaster. Bufalino had a hand in global, national, and local politics of the largest American cities, many of its major industries, and controlled the powerful Teamsters Union.

His influence also reached the highest levels of Pennsylvania government and halls of Congress, and his legacy left a culture of corruption that continues to this day. Micheal Prichard's voice is as flat as a big swath of Matt Birkbeck's writing. Birkbeck's a newspaper reporter, not a writer in the magazine or fiction sense. Moreover, he's challenged here by a big cast of characters and events.

Topping it off he imposes some literary devices… flashbacks in particular… that make the story bumpier than the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Anyway, the corruption Birkbeck intimates or alleges here is unnerving. It's an important read for anyone with Pennsylvania roots even if the story arc feels as if the it's had potentially risky chunks hacked away by the publisher's legal staff.

The Quiet Don by Matt Birkbeck: | Books

The author was kind of all over the place and found myself confused. Michael Prichard was kind of boring. I would probably not listen to another book narrated by Michael. Overall about a 2 out of 5. This book explores many side stories without warning and seems to only touch on Buffalino randomly. Poorly mapped out book. Narration sucks. The book constantly repeats itself.

It is very slow. Not a fan of this book. This is the story of an important man and should have been better. The book wanders around through various events, some barely related to the main character. If you could sum up The Quiet Don in three words, what would they be? Excellent book. What did you like best about this story? Well researched, and well written. There is little information on Russell Bufalino, so I am greatful for all of the info I can get.

Which character — as performed by Michael Prichard — was your favorite? No one in particular. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Fast read which both entertains and depresses,especially if you live in NEPA. Sep 09, J. Teague rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Poorly written but very interesting account of the mafioso who appears responsible for the deaths of Hoffa and John Kennedy.

Interesting but kind of got jumbled near the end. Jul 21, Gavin Masterson rated it it was ok. It's more about his inner circle than it is about him. Which explains the title, but it wasn't enough to keep me interested Informative book about a sectetive guy The author did the best he could as his subject was not someone who wanted to be in the limelight!

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Dec 28, Walt rated it it was ok Shelves: organized-crime. It is difficult writing a review about this book. On the one hand, it is one of the few resources on the Northeast Pennsylvania Mafia. On the other, it is full of weak organization, inaccurate information, and transparent duplication of another book.

This book is the hazzy recollections of Frank Sheeran, a labor racketeer who was associated with Bufalino and Jimmy Hoffa. Brandt's work is historically signific It is difficult writing a review about this book. Brandt's work is historically significant because one of the key suspects in Hoffa's disappearance confessed post-mortem to the murder.

Birkbeck repeating his story, while giving credit to Sheeran and Brandt is still so thorough as to be lifting large parts of the book. The inaccurate information appears to come from mystery sources, because there is no bibliography. At some places, Birkbeck does identify sources, and in several places he references one story from Time Magazine. This one story apparently is the principal source of information on conspiracies involving Cuba, the CIA, and Castro.

I believe Birkbeck that Bufalino had some financial stake in Cuba; but I am unconvinced about the size of his stake.

Birkbeck is clearly trying to prop up the local mob. I can appreciate his efforts to do just that; but when he places Bufalino at the center of a Mafia-CIA conspiracy to murder Castro and the JFK assassination courtesy of Brandt and Sheeran's book , it becomes difficult to accept. When Birkbeck says Bufalino directly, if only temporarily controlled the Magaddino and Genovese Families in addition to his own, he has no sense of historical skepticism.

The organization of the book is problematic in that much of the book has little or nothing to do with Bufalino, the quiet don. Nearly half of the book is about a shady businessman and corrupt government some 20 years after Bufalino died.

go site Birkbeck weaves between these three themes at awkward moments creating a lot of confusion. However, readers can draw out some valuable information. In a few brief places, Birkbeck discusses Bufalino's role in the garment rackets, his legitimate businesses, and other members of his organization. Birkbeck is easier to read and obtain than the Pennsylvania Crime Commission reports, so he is one of the few sources of good information on the family since its creation, through its collapse after Bufalino's death.

Overall, read with a healthy dose of skepticism after reading Brandt's book. Jan 27, Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: mind. If you want an all you can eat buffet on organized crime in Northeastern Pennsylvania, this is the book to read. Over the past several years, the local government's and agencies have been in flux due to shake-ups, as one person after another has been accused of taking bribes and the like, and often I heard many complain that If you want an all you can eat buffet on organized crime in Northeastern Pennsylvania, this is the book to read. Over the past several years, the local government's and agencies have been in flux due to shake-ups, as one person after another has been accused of taking bribes and the like, and often I heard many complain that the region was corrupt at every corner.

I always thought those complaining were like the "conspiracy guy" with sporting events And it's not that I'm sure they're accurate or not..

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After reading this book I can tell you.. I have many more concerns about NEPA and it's leadership. Birkbeck's writing dives into modern events opening with the arrest of an ordained priest in , and then dives into various history lessons dating back to the late 's, and how many Italian immigrants were attracted to the NEPA region for their vast coal mines.

As the book progresses, it doesn't necessarily account just Bufalino's life, but the realm of influence he had on others, and who had influenced him along the way. I don't know if Matt Birkbeck is from Northeastern Pennsylvania or not, but he did an excellent job on researching the appropriate names and events in the area that have plagued us negatively in recent years, and parts of the book feel like a pre-eminent who's who in the NEPA valley today. In the end, it's an enlightening book, and has a sole purpose to tell. The book makes a compelling argument suggesting that his low profile never allowed him to make national headlines, and it may have served him well.

Feb 13, Dan rated it did not like it. Despite all this, "The Quiet Don" is awful in every way.