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Here's an example of what they look like:. Your reading intentions are also stored in your profile for future reference. Elliott manages determination and strength, but she misses the intensity of passion.

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Her Thea is friendlier than Cather's, more comfortable and conducive to traditional expectations of a movie heroine. Cast within a screenplay that stops before the challenging diva emerges, Elliott's Thea never becomes Cather's Kronborg. Instead, Elliott's character is circumscribed within the congenial script of a talented woman finding success. Other characters work better, if only because there are fewer demands on them. Maximilian Schell, as Herr Wunch, has a few terrifically dramatic moments.

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  6. He plays Wunch close to the edge of melodrama, and he pulls it off. In that episode, I was no longer watching as a Cather fan curious to see her novel illustrated, but was involved as filmgoer. I understood the "desire" of Wunch's proclamations, and I empathized with the characters as struggling human beings. Schell's scenes made me enter into the story itself and not see it merely as adaptation; I believed it. Doctor Archie, played by Arliss Howard, also has a credible presence. Howard, helped by his drooping facial hair, is especially effective in Archie's more melancholy moments, as when he accompanies Thea to Chicago and laments the waste of his own life.

    And Tony Goldwyn, as Fred Ottenburg, wears his clothes like a figure in a men's fashion advertisement. Fred may be reduced to a romantic plot device, but Goldwyn does the job with proper posture and earnestness. Unfortunately, the character of Ray Kennedy remains disappointingly shallow. In the novel Kennedy, though a sentimental man, remains complex and powerful, a "free-thinker" and self-created human being.

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    In the film, his role is reduced to flat sentimentality, just a chiseled face and "garsh golly" tone that make him ridiculous. Happily, his death scene comes early, so most of the film remains untarnished by his presence.

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    Also unfortunate was the budget crunch that prevented the filmmakers from doing a location shoot. The novel is, of course, set in Colorado, though most readers regard Moonstone as a thinly veiled version of Red Cloud, Nebraska, so either place could have provided the visualization needed. Words that end with. If you only have the last letter s of a word, type the letter s below.

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    Mower’s Song

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