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Dot Twin Ponies , Combined with Polka. Polka Twin Ponies , Combined with Dot. Moondust Twin Ponies , Combined with Stardust. Stardust Twin Ponies , Combined with Moondust. Sweet Snowflake Christmas Baby Flitter Giggly Garden Nursery Jolly Secret Surprise Ponies V Junior Secret Surprise Ponies V Spring Secret Surprise Ponies V Tenderheart Secret Surprise Ponies V Golden Light Changing Hair Ponies Light Heart Changing Hair Ponies Night Star Changing Hair Ponies Sky Skimmer Changing Hair Ponies Sun Sparkle Changing Hair Ponies Sweet Berry Changing Hair Ponies Festive Birthday Playset Night Glow Fantasy Hair Ponies Night Shine Fantasy Hair Ponies Eve Hobby Ponies Globe Trotter Hobby Ponies Medicin Hobby Ponies I've chickened out long enough!

We'll make do with what Paradise Estate has to offer. I've put this wedding off for far too long! Quit being such a wimp, and marry me already! Later that afternoon, we'd set everything up for the wedding. Buddy wore a tux that he got from his dad a few years back he had been carrying it with him for years , while I wore an old wedding dress that North Star gave to me apparently it was worn by her friend Heart Throb on her wedding day.

Twilight volunteered to lead the exchange-of-vows ceremony. For just a second, I swear her shadow transformed to something else. Spike bore the rings from Sparkler's collection. Everyone gathered for the impromptu wedding in the great hall. Twilight turned to Buddy, "Do you, Buddy, agree to take this mare as your lawfully wedded wife? She turned to me next, "And do you, Patch, agree to take this stallion as your lawfully wedded husband? So we kissed and everyone cheered. Later that night, me and Buddy Anyway, the next morning, I was preparing to leave.

The paradise ponies were promising to fetch the Moochick from his cottage and honor him with a proper burial later. One by one, the Paradise Ponies and Spike hugged and kissed me goodbye, all reluctant to let me go. Especially alone. Wind Whistler called me a fool.

But I figured I'd cover more ground going solo, and one lone pony was a lot less likely to be noticed.

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I could take care of myself. I was in a marketplace, approaching a sleazy earth pony merchant, selling small trinkets. The nag got blown into idd-bitty pieces," he smirked. I barely twitched an eyebrow at that, keeping my best poker face. Without a doubt it was one of the pieces of the Rainbow, the red one, but how did this pony get his hooves on it? Something tells me you know what this really is, so why just He sounded a bit insulted.

I'm not interested in any 'big picture. If you use something like that, you become a target for people that want it, and they're more likely to kill you for it. I wish I could argue with that. The explosions caused by the Rainbow of Light hasn't merely ended lives and caused vast property damage. That would've honestly been a mercy. No: everywhere you looked infrastructure all around us was rotting. The magical residue wrecked even more havoc with our minds: permanently brain-damaged ponies sleepwalking through life with no one to care for them. And even that was nothing compared to what had befallen the sane.

The majority of surviving 'unaffected' ponies It was like destruction itself has roared across the land. No pony was concerned with repairing the damage, with striving for a brighter tomorrow. Entropy was the new status quo, and for whatever unfathomable reason, ponykind had settled into it quite cozily, thank you kindly. And save the world how? Like Starlight did?

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Wouldn't that be a laugh! He laughed at first, but his expression soured after I remained silence. I looked at the rainbow piece still in my hoof, "Oh, I'm very interested in this item, but I don't plan on buying it. I'm just going to take it. I recognize you now, Lady!

You're that Starlight nag's-! Thankfully, most of the police who -in better times- would've be chasing me too, were spread too thin trying to maintain what was left of law and order to focus on one common thief. I turned down another street only to hit a dead end alleyway. All of a sudden something hit him from behind and he fell unconscious.

I looked up to see Buddy. My way was just faster," he replied, "By the way, did you get what we were looking for?

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There really was some pony trying to sell one of the pieces here. We haven't found any new leads on any new part of the Rainbow of Light. On top of that, I've had to take a year off our quest to gave birth to our foal. On the bright side, I've met up with five of my friends. Bright-Eyes didn't even recognize me, but was still courteous enough, in her own way. Thankfully, Lancer wasn't suffering from memory problems. We laughed, shared drinks, and he even gave us some of his old supplies; one adventure to another. Maybe it is ultimately better that Bright-Eyes cannot remember what she helped bring about.

Melody had to write down everything she wanted to say, but she was still 'all there,' still her friendly old self, still writing song lyrics. It broke her heart and mine knowing she could no longer sing. Clover's family was the best off, so we had rested there the longest, I swear she's indestructible! Sweetheart was living at the farm of a cousin of Teddy's working her hardest to use her medical talents for others while Bon-Bon's was just trying to raise what was left of her family.

I think you and I should part ways," Buddy said, as we watched our son chew on a teddy bear. I still do love you but we have a son to think about now and this quest is way too dangerous to take foals on. The first piece was easy, but who knows who has the others now or what it'll take to take them," He stumped me there. There was no use trying to deny that the quest was getting more and more dangerous. Let me take him with me.

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He was right. I didn't want to have to part with him or our son, but he was right. But I smiled at the both of them. As soon as I'm done searching for these other Rainbow fragments I'll be right back home. I love you I woke up on a pile of soft pillows. My head was clearing for the first time in days. I had dreamt about the time I parted ways with Buddy and our son.

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No matter how many times I have that dream it still hurts. This time I held onto that painful memory for all of it was worth pulling my head out of the sweet fog it had been trapped in. A 'normal life' for their child. There was no Steady 9-to-5 workdays for Papa. No steady 8-to-3 schooldays for Junior.

No Cartoons and hoof-ball games on the TV.