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Why Self Publish? For ages years old. Back to School Journals for Kids Back to School Journals make great memory scrapbooks or keepsakes and are a wonderful way for kids to record all of their school memories for each year in one handy place. There is space to paste photos, write their feelings, draw or color, most pages pose a creat Looking for likes for my page we love you! Jessica Stewart's cat picture - what do you think? Go to RoxietheSuperCat.

So it is important to share with your friends and get votes? We are looking for a costar in the next adventure, so we would like you to send a picture of you and your special, funny, cute or weird cat pictures or videos to be considered in this contest. These lovely cat comics are brightly colored and features a cat and mouse story, a great addition to the cat books for kids. The adventures of Roxie The SuperCat, a cat that eats green tuna treats and gains super powers like: she can fly, she has super h A spiritual shift is occurring. Many people around the world have found themselves on the verge of something vast, and their experiences can't be explained.

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I fell in love with you, Lily. I knew you were going to be my baby girl then and you are always going to be my baby girl. You were instantly family the minute I brought you home. You challenged all of us dad, mom, and sister Ava in every positive way to make us better parents for you. No matter what obstacles came forth, you still gave us unconditional love. I bonded with you from the beginning, Lily. I still can hear your grunts and your out of breath laughs after we are running around the house.

I can still see you gallop so excitedly when you realize you are at the beach.

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I can still see you run so fierce across the grass fields. You were life. My life. I am so sorry your life had to end on Dec 22, You just turned 4 years old. I still don't understand why you had to leave Mommy so soon. I am so broken hearted you left me so soon and I am sorry if Mommy didn't do more than you needed. But I promise I will see you again. I miss you with all my heart.

I miss you laying next to me in bed. I miss your cuddles and miss your whines. I wish you were still with us, Lily. I love you with all my heart. Luna Santo April 04, A great cat, remembered fondly by all those who knew her. She was beautiful, although occasional tantrums let you know that there was a beast in this beauty. Roxy was a playful sort - as long as it wasn't during a thunder storm, in which case she'd be hiding in the bathtub. She loved hot dogs and had a strong affinity for beer during her early days, a trait that earned her the middle name "Corona" after her favorite label.

Knocking over the libations of party goers and quickly lapping up the spill was her tactic, but one evening she had just a few too many hot dogs and a few too many knocked-over brews. Well, let's just say that she stuck to water for the remainder of her days. Roxy passed on after thirteen years of being an excellent friend and companion to the Carter family.

She is dearly missed. A Tribute to Rusty October 24, -- August 11, Mewsette, Princess of Bunny, - January 28, Applejack: Sept. Against All Odds. Remembering Casey will always bring us the fondest of memories. In memory of Bear Grapperhaus:. Carolina Callie Girl. Rocky received his name from his maternal mother who decided she didn't want him and in turn bit him on his skull at 6 hours old. He received an open wound over his little closed eye that when opened would become his left blind eye. The Vet said that if Rocky made it through the first 24 hrs. Well Rocky "true to his name" was a fighter, he made it through those first 24 hours of life.

Rocky was special from the start. But what everyone didn't know when Rocky came into this world to bless us all, was just how special he really was Rocky's story My husband travels on a regular basis and we were looking for a companion and protector for myself while he was gone. We wanted to rescue an older dog so we could "save their life". But as it turns out, he saved ours. We had been looking for a Labrador and had been hitting dead ends because we are renters and our property manager was out of town. We live on 5 acres and although we knew we had the okay for a dog, no one would even work with us until they had something in writing.

After weeks and weeks of frustration, we stopped by a Rancho Coastal Humane Society in San Diego to look and see what we could find.

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That is when Hobbs was brought into our lives. He had been surrendered to the pound twice and the staff was looking for a forever home for him. After spending 2 hours with Hobbs, we knew he was our dog. Moe, one of the employees, saw the bond we had with him and went out of her way to make it possible to hold him until our property manager was back from vacation. I miss her very much! In I had the idea of getting Odie a buddy here comes Layna! Long drive out where I've never been.

Manual Roxie The SuperCat rescues Mice on the Moon

Found the address around 8am, a big horse ranch. Shure enough 10 pups in a stall all colors "Mixed!

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  6. Box held 10 pups. Enter me I was given a stool to sit on and told to sit in stall. Amedently attacked by a heard "O" pups. I wearing flip flops, my toes became fair game.


    All teeth but for the one kisser. After 2 more moves and same results, Layna had picked me! I picked up the little brindle girl and told the man she's the one! The man said I'd have to wait because someone else called first and would have first choice, but with a little questioning it turned out I'd have to wait for myself! Or was it I was hers? As we walked out of the stall I noticed 5 or 6 cars of people waiting for their turn, I'm glad I came early!!

    We went home and Odie was in heaven playing with the pup - best buds for life. Odie left us in at 18! I miss the little guy, RIP bud.

    source url Well Layna needed a bud now, and Heidi a Chihuahua came along to join our team in Layna started to slow up a bit, kind of weak but she would not show it. It became clear to me that she was ready. On August 6, a very nice Lady vet came to our home to help Layna move on. Night, Night little girl, You'll always be in my heart!

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    We love you! Sweet Bindy Girl, It's only been a day since you left us, and we miss you so much. I thought I heard you scratching at my door this morning and mom thought she heard you meowing in her room. Your not suffering anymore girl. We'll always love you and we'll never forget you. Sweet dreams Bindy Girl My Dearest Maxie,. May 5, - August 28, My beloved "Big D". There simply aren't words big enough to describe who you were and how well you were loved.

    December 15, - July 23, We thank you for the fifteen years you gave to us.