Racing for Recovery: From Addict to Ironman

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Vista Taos Drug Rehab Clinic in Taos, New Mexico understands the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences once you leave the rehabilitative environment.

Addiction and Accidents to Recovery and Races

Triathlons take a lot of time to train for. You are constantly working to better improve your mind and body for the big race. Let his story be the inspiration you need to dedicate to fighting your addiction.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. Blake Browder T February 7th, Share This Article! I bring ideas to life by hard work, perseverance, passion, endless support from family friends and peers. Healthy living on a nutritional, physical, spiritual, educational and social level.

Overall, health in any capacity excites me… including latest trends in health: plant-based diets really excite me in addition to running and different forms of exercise. That living a plant-based diet is the way to go.

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Be consistent. In what I do, I need people to consistently do what is working for them to sustain sobriety. Whatever Racing for Recovery is offering them and working for them, I need them to consistently do it and improve it.

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  6. The strategy that helps grow Racing for Recovery is to utilize the marketing components of Ironman and the ones I have done. The strategy is to use that hook in a productive way to promote what Racing for Recovery does and I use that through media, word of mouth and endless marketing materials. When your heart is in the right spot to help people you will never fail. I love Skype.

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    Anyone who reads it will be educated on addiction and inspired to improve their lives whether they have an addiction problem or not. He has since competed in 28 Ironman and 2 UltraMan on six continents and 15 countries. Where did the idea come from?

    From Addict to Ironman!

    Purchase Now. Pinpointing the trauma, predispositions, and other factors associated with addiction will arm you with the knowledge and power to change for the better.

    Racing for Recovery From Addict to Ironman

    Anyone affected by addiction is invited to join in the discussion at our weekly Racing for Recovery support group meetings. Topics of discussion include substance abuse issues, recovery, exercise, and leading a healthy and productive lifestyle. We offer a creative, holistic approach to life balance. Relieve stress through group workouts, yoga, soul core, chiropractic, and more. Create a healthy new lifestyle through positive alternatives. Ohio Medicaid is accepted for exercise services.

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