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To prepare yourself for a job as a newspaper sports writer, attend a college or university and work on the school's newspaper staff. Cover as much sports as possible. Additionally, you should seek out internship opportunities. Newspaper internships are available at most newspapers for fall, spring and summer semesters. After graduation, search for jobs using various resources, including JournalismJobs.

2. You do not have to write full articles before you sell them

You must include a cover letter, resume and clips of your work when you submit an application for a newspaper reporter job. If you lack the work experience or degree requirements to gain full-time work as a newspaper sports writer, you can take an alternate route.

Many newspaper editors, and especially sports editors, farm out stories to freelance writers, who work on contract. Sports editors pay freelancers, sometimes called stringers, per assignment. Most stories require you to cover a prep or college game in the area. Sports editors maintain a short list of responsible, high-quality freelance writers, and these individuals often receive regular assignments. Some freelancers write two or more stories per week. To launch a career as a sports freelance writer, contact sports editors at local newspapers.

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You can call or send email. Express your interest in writing freelance stories and provide your name and contact information. Also include information about your writing experience, sports knowledge and other qualifications.

Why do publications use fillers?

Attach a digital file, preferably a Microsoft Word document or PDF, with copies of sports articles that you've written. For example, I learned that positive feedback about a previous feature was very popular.

I kept my submission short and snappy — and my hard work paid off. How do I find ideas for letters? I urged readers not to ignore any call-ups. Thankfully, I was okay. They request a photo of yourself and your age, too. TAB also publish call-outs for a true-life reader experience type of feature in the magazine.

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They like photos with the letter. TAB also have call-outs in the mag for paid photo opportunities, e. Your Cat will pay for true life cat tales, too. My prize letters in a monthly writing magazine netted me a free one-year magazine subscription — twice!

If you have a hobby, e. For instance, my hubby is a very good cook and baker. These magazines like rhyming, upbeat, reader-friendly material. The magazine has different email addresses for these slots.

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The vouchers can be spent practically anywhere. A writer friend of mine likes to create her own word puzzles not necessarily crosswords and she has these published regularly in Real People magazine. Prizes and cash are up for grabs. Consider the fact that the editor or team will become familiar with your name. Publications are always looking for well-written, entertaining, intelligent letters that fit in well with the editorial style of the magazine. If you submit material regularly, this means a weekly scan of the magazines in newsagents or the supermarket to check if your piece is in.

Have you improved your grammar beyond reproach? If you are confident that you have perfect grammar, which is the prerequisite for becoming a writer, you just may be the person for this job. Do you have experience writing in a professional voice? If you have done some business writing previously or have experience with academic writing, you will certainly be able to translate those skills into letter writing. A professional letter writer can come across a wide variety of letter writing requests including the ordinary as well as the awkward.

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You will need creativity to come up with letters that will satisfy your clients. Since this type of job is mostly done as a freelancer, you will need to have access to a computer and the internet at home. Having a computer is not the only requirement. You also need word processing software updated to the latest version. This may cost money.

Budget for it. Most business or personal letter writing is done on industry standard templates.

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Make sure you get a hold of the relevant templates, widely available on word processing software and elsewhere online.