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These drawings and paintings remain a reminder of changing architecture. Some of these buildings are still with us, some in neglect, some lovingly cared for and some sadly gone.

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Gracious family homes vanished under the bustle of urban life and solid practical buildings constructed to serve various forms of industry now long exhausted. What their original function was, they are a memory of our proud heritage.

My involvement with art, apart from landscape painting has included a keen interest in buildings, especially old ones, probably because of my involvement in the building trade. I know that sounds confusing and complicated but with the way Colleen wrote it, it was flawless. Angie: I agree with Liezel.

I loved how I was reading two books from two different points of views.


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There was one story that seems normal then the other was an acid trip. It was like falling down the rabbit hole and never escaping.

Liezel: I enjoyed everything about it! Well, I take that back. The characters were so believable that I got lost in their story. The line was blurred between fact and fiction. Liezel: Crazy thing is… all of the characters have one thing in common — they care for the ones that they love.

Angie: Yes I would. There would be some caution though. There are things in this book that are extremely hard to read.

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  • I love how caught up I got into it, how it kept me guessing until the very end. The ending…. Magnificent writing Colleen! I look down at my oversized shirt. For a moment, I forgot how ridiculous I look.

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    • It was in my closet. He makes a face. Is it supposed to? I almost smile at the idea of Goddammit Barron actually being his name. Jeremy enters last. He gives me a small nod that goes unnoticed by everyone else.

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      Alcoholism and Clinical Psychiatry. It is well known that alcoholism continues to be one of this country's major public It is well known that alcoholism continues to be one of this country's major public health problems. This issue is carefully documented by Dr. In spite of the major View Product.

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      Contemporary Rorschach Interpretation. Appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the human mind when perceiving an ambiguous stimulus Appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the human mind when perceiving an ambiguous stimulus led Dr. Hermann Rorschach to develop his scientific method eighty years ago. Full of gratitude for his brief life and work, the editors hope this Endorphins and Opiate Antagonists in Psychiatric Research:.

      The discovery of new molecules that function in neuronal communication can be viewed as a During the past several decades, the field of mental health care has expanded greatly. This expansion has been based on greater recognition of the prevalence and treatability of mental disorders, as well as the availability of a variety of forms Showing the charm, wisdom, and delicacy of a mature Japanese healer, this book presents useful