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I loosen and remove a few blank bars from the back of the hive to give myself room and then work forward toward their rear-most still-in progress-comb. Through the hive window, I have already selected the chosen comb to be removed — pregnant and bulging with golden honey. As in, the sections of comb from each bar are also attached to the adjoining bars. What to do? I start whispering sweet words of thanks to these lovely bee-ings as I start to make sense of the cross-bar comb. I shave off a huge hunk of honey laden comb and place it in my bowl, careful to brush each bee back into the hive.

I pull out yet another messed up comb as the realization settles that ALL of the bars are crossed-combed. In this moment I am starting to see bees stuck in the honey I have spilled, some drowning. I decide to stop; not try to fix the hive, but retreat from this moment, with as little impact as possible.

I use a little twig and gently lift off each honey-coated bee from the comb and place them on the top of the in-place bars on the hive. Honey still everywhere. In humanity, where are we drowning in what we have created?

DIY SWARM TRAPS - trying to catch honey bees

I look at the gorgeous comb filling the bowl at my side and I am filled with awe and gratitude and deep sadness at inflicting so much damage to the hive. I am now aware that I am humming to the bees, softly; and they to me. Worksheets , Thematic Unit Plans , Activities. This packet does that for you. This is a great resource for the Reading Street Reading series I include all the necessary supplements for whole class teaching as well as. Balanced Literacy , Informational Text , Phonics. Activities , Printables , Literacy Center Ideas.

English Language Arts , Balanced Literacy. Activities , Printables , Graphic Organizers. Honey Bees Resource Pack. This package includes display documents as well as student worksheets. Bright colors and graphics will grab the students' attention. It will save you time on creating all the little pieces that goes into a s. Balanced Literacy , Reading , Reading Strategies. Assessment , Graphic Organizers , Posters. Try to find the kind of place where bees and wasps like to forage and hunt. I thought it was interesting enough to pass on, especially since so many beekeepers have wasp woes in the fall.

Please let me know if you try it. They have blasted me for using a hose near their home in my shed. Will the brown sugar work on these devils? Great post! I have been using the pheromone-based yellowjacket traps, but they are very expensive and after about weeks they lose their effectiveness. Thanks so much for this timely post!!!!

I too am doing a bit of experimenting with homemade wasp traps. The last few I made up I used homemade Kombucha that went beyond the nice pleasant carbonated beverage I enjoy. Thank you for the article on wasps and yellow jackets. I am having trouble with them and looking for something that really works for control. I knew someone was going to ask. Such is the life of a blogger.

As Bees in Honey Drown Summary

Thank you for the article. I love it and am going to make the trap with the brown sugar syrup.

I have a perfect spot for it. Can you give some information on what I have been told are mason wasps. Do you think these wasps are keeping the mason bees away? I have no issues with mason wasps and mine live peacefully side-by-side with my mason bees. In many, many ways their lives are similar to mason bees, except for their diet.

A bee and wasp survey

Remember, from a biological and evolutionary point of view, a bee is nothing more than a vegetarian wasp which is why they can be so hard to distinguish. Back in SC, you have to be careful with your soda bottles in summer. Ooooh oooh, they love colas. Six cups of sugar seems like a lot to waste on killing wasps.

I know you are just following instructions. Is there something cheaper to put in a wasp catcher? Here in Tasmania we have also been invaded by those dang European wasp varmints! A little bit of sugar goes a long way.

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These pests bring out the worst in me. Best done at nighttime. Okay you visual types, I went out and took a photo of a dirty gallon jug. This has been the most yellow jackets that I have ever seen, not many bald faced hornets which are usually the big problem around the bee hives. I make wasp traps out of cheap fish canned cat food and dish detergent breaks surface tension and some water. Put it in a shallow plastic dish.

Since wasps are meat eaters, they are attracted to it and drown.

a bee drowned in honey (and I understood)

I also put one near the hummingbird feeders since the wasps aggravate that too. I have a hate on for yellow jackets that are usually very prevalent in Calgary, Alberta. A couple of years ago they were vicious and were overwhelming our hives at a farm outside of town and we moved the hives into the city to escape the wasps in August. Last year was not as bad but still the yellow jackets were a pest if you wanted to eat outside.

lesson plans as bees in honey drown Manual

This year we set out traps in the city and caught only a few. I have seen only perhaps a dozen all year. Our hives are once again in the city and they were not bothered all summer. Normally we have aphids but this year they were everywhere. Now, late in the season, there are still no wasps to be seen but aphids are in clouds. No yellow jackets means something else aphids take off. Of course, maybe the reason I see no aphids is related to all my yellowjackets! Who knows.

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  5. Rusty—love your blog. Not a beekeeper…yet. Been reading and watching video and when I move back to Iowa I will be hanging out with some beekeepers so I plan on getting my first hive. I saw this video a while back and thought it was an interesting design!