Guess My Shape! (Picture Book for Children) (A Nearly Naughty Early Reader)

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Eventually a man attempts to lead them to safety.

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The book was originally published in but was reissued in paperback in Although it may not be the book being sought, the plot is similar, and it is a wonderful novel! Not the Neville Shute book great author, though. It was definitely Czechoslovakia in the late 40's. A boy teams up with the Engineer on the train to escape with his foster family to the West. The story was supposedly inspired by an actual event in the early years of the Cold War.

A group of orphans escape via train from their country, and pick up a few other kids along the way. I don't believe they steal the train, but they aren't on it with permission. I read this a long time ago! This is definitely it. There's no boy but other than that every detail is identical.

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Yes, this is Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade. The overweight girl's name is Elsie, though, not Elsa. Peter complains that his house is too noisy, until the wise man teaches him a lesson in perspective by advising him to obtain some rather unusual house guests. Probably Anne Bennet's " Little Witch ".

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See Solved Mysteries. Edward Fenton, Fierce John , ?

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Possibly this one? See a picture on the Loganberry site under "Mother's Druthers. Friedman, Tracy, Orphan and the Doll , Amanda was the orphan and Henriette was the doll. I think I remember there being something about a will, though I'm not sure. Kris Neville, Bettyann , , approximate. This is a classic. There is a sequel, Bettyann's Children.

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I need the name of a book about a girl who lives in orphanage and who loves horses. She runs away with one of the horses and stops at a creek. People are looking for her. She runs away to other towns and works on farms. The book is a grade school reading level. Children find an old castle in the woods. Later, the whole village has a festival in the shadow of the castle. Children's picture book with story, approx 5th grade level, poss. Animal characters? Possibly part of a series that had a map in the front of the book of the village they lived in.

Additional details: The book was thin, maybe 30 pages. The book was a picture book with words, very richly illustrated. O Otter canal boat UK England Picture book about an otter who obtains a houseboat, and sails it up and down the canals of England with a crew of friends. He plays the accordion at one point, wearing a jaunty sailor's outfit, and I remember their having to use a boat hook to maneuver through a brick-lined tunnel. The big Regatta is coming up, and the cheating rats are up to their old tricks.

Part of the series of Foxwood Tales. After wishing that she did not have to go to bed, Olivia embarks on a magical nighttime journey through the heavens.

She spends the night frolicking with the stars, riding on Saturn's rings, and chatting with the Man in the Moon. In the morning, she awakes to find the perfect memento of her adventure - a beautiful bracelet with charms depicting a star, the moon, and the sun. The book comes with a real charm bracelet for the young reader. This wouldn't be one of the Sweet Pickles series, would it?

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We had these in the very late 70's or early 80's. P1 I went back to the list of pig books. However, the publication date looks too late for the book wanted. Pig has the sniffles. What can Mr. Pig and the piglets do to make her feel better? Cook her favorite snack five alarm chili of course! But the Pigs Mess up the kitchen, and to top it off, they don't know how to follow the recipe and measure the ingredients.

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Call in the fire department! These Pigs are headed for Big Pig Trouble! No plot information, but maybe one of the Golden Book collectors might know? Pig is a Halloween story, and does not contain the desired refrain. Series- Freddy the Pig. There are a great many Freddy stories and I would not be surprised to learn that he has rose colored glasses in one of them! They are available now as reprints. Don't recall the author, but they are very popular old chapter books.

Freddy the Pig series is written by Walter R. Brooks , but again, I didn't find the desired refrain. P1 mr pig: not a Golden Book, but perhaps Mr. Don't know if these books are old enough, but it seems to me that Mr. Pig in Richard Scarry's books is always doing foolish things that he needs to be reprimanded for.

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Illustrations by the author include color frontispiece and twelve color plates; six plates have panels that open like doors to reveal the contents, most portraying cats, inside. Girl buys pussywillows from a man in the park, who tells her they're "fairy kittens.

The stories are really instructional tales on proper behavior for young children. All ages will be captivated by the pictures of the 4 kittens' antics. Not much information, but some similarities: Raftery, Gerald Slaver's Gold NY, Vanguard "A story for older children set against an authentic background of country life in Vermont and the Underground Railroad as a group of children try to find out if there is any truth in the stories Grandpa told about an old house. The fact that it's reputedly haunted only adds to its appeal!