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The absence of family influences, attitudes, and traditions inspires or compels the Orphan Child to construct an inner reality based on personal judgment and experience. Specifically, I think some of the great gifts from living out this archetype can include:. Blood is not thicker than resonance. One can lend respect and regard to blood, and yet also give love where it is returned. Thriving requires it.

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However, in order to fully mine the gold in the mud, to claim the gifts in the pain that can come from living out this archetype, there is, of course, psychological work that may be required for us. Therapy gives you the chance to experience exactly what you may not have experienced in your family or communities-of-origin: acceptance, safety, attunement, mirroring, and the transformational experience of being in a healthy, functional relationship this alone cannot be underestimated as a healing force!

With or without the help of a therapist, consider the following:. Because honestly, there really is just so much psychological growth opportunity in it! I hope you enjoy it! Which part of this article felt the most helpful for you to hear? Leave a message in the comments below so our community of blog readers can benefit from your wisdom.

Medical Disclaimer. Sign up and you'll receive two original articles a month designed to help you feel better in your relationships, career, and more. What a brilliant Article! Thank you so much for this!

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It really helped me to understand and move on. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and for stopping by the comment.

What is herd mentality?

Warmly, Annie. Thanks Annie. A note of support here and affirmation. Thank you so much for your kind words, Brett.

Stocktake: despite strong market rebound, stocks likely to retest recent lows

It is lovely to hear from a fellow Jung-loving colleague. And thank you for being out there doing really good work in the world too! Thank you Annie, very grateful for your words on Black Sheep. I related to lots of things in your artical and found myself in tears. Being a breech and the Black Sheep in a family of five children has seriously done some damage, yet they do not see it. Thanks again it opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Warm regards, Bron. First of all, thank you for your honesty and bravery in being willing to see yourself in this article.

I can imagine how difficult it must be to feel as though you are the Black Sheep, with no recognition of your struggle from your family members. Please know that you are not alone in feeling this way as the struggle of feeling like an outsider is common for many men and women. I wish you all the very best as you move forward on your healing journey. I have been the black sheep since my parents divorced when I was twelve. My life is good for the most part. However, like many black sheeps, I keep people at a distance.

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  • My wolf pack consists of my husband and my son. Good luck to all black sheeps. Thank you so much for sharing your story here.

    4 examples of herd mentality (and how to take advantage of it)

    I am the black sheep of my family — my father has told me so on many occasions, although I am not sure what on earth I have done to deserve this. I have worked hard to get a good education, job and loving relationships with my husband and children. I have chosen not to have any more contact with my father because he cannot hide his hatred of me, and I cannot bear any more of the hurt.

    Thank you so much for sharing how this post resonated with you. I imagine it was really painful for you. And thank you so much for stopping by to comment. Thank you, Annie. I have spent my life 54 years trying so hard to understand my feelings of rejection. I question my own sanity and have taken on so much guilt for being different, and the stress my family seems to have as a result, that I suffer from major depression and anxiety.

    Your article is the first thing I have ever read that gave me a glimpse of hope for healing, and dare I hope even bigger for joy! I identified with almost every single line and archetype. I have bookmarked this page, and will no doubt be back to re-read over and over. I am so grateful for you, and your article, and your seemingly very gentle and empathic spirit!! Wow — your comment really moved me. I think that anxiety, depression, and the double bind of wanting closeness but fearing and sabotaging closeness is a set of symptoms very familiar to those of us who have experienced deep and early relational rejection and insecure attachment.

    Secure relationship can be learned and earned. However you found this blog, I'm so glad you're here. I've been writing about a variety of mental health topics every two weeks for over four years now, so there's quite a bit of content here! I invite you to explore my blog post categories and archives below for the topics that resonate with you the most right now. The Vancouver Canucks were beaten by the Boston Bruins, and the disappointed fans wrought havoc on Vancouver. They turned over cars, lit fires, threw garbage at police, smashed glass storefronts, and looted businesses.

    More recently, Egypt sentenced 21 soccer fans to death after they incited a stadium riot that killed 74 people and injured 1, Many died from trampling and from falling from stadium balconies. Unfortunately, the verdict sparked another riot, which left at least 30 dead and over injured.

    Study Shows The Power Of Social Influence: 5 Ways To Avoid The Herd Mentality

    Instead of missing out on the fun, he decided to throw his own event in the small town of Zap, North Dakota. Unfortunately, that only angered the drunken mob, and when the alcohol finally ran out, they rebelled by destroying the town. The North Dakota National Guard was called in to quell the riot, which was rather easy—most of the students were hungover in the street. Those 24, SS members and likely many more lost themselves and became part of a killing machine. It truly epitomizes what can happen when religious extremism and mobs collide.

    Perhaps the most bizarre part was the inane methods they used to judge the guilt of the suspects. Keep a bottle of ointment in your house? Altogether, they imprisoned people and killed 25; 19 were hanged, one man who refused to enter a plea was crushed under heavy stones, and five died in prison.

    Thanks to the paranoid ramblings of Senator Joseph McCarthy and others, folks in the US thought communists were hiding everywhere—infiltrating the government and all aspects of society. They broke into homes, looked through private mail, bugged offices, tapped telephones, and more—all without probable cause or a warrant.

    Herd mentality is driving stock markets

    And the people, President, and Supreme Court were all cool with it. Your economics professor might have told you that stocks rise and fall based on supply and demand. In reality, it all comes down to emotion: namely uncertainty and fear. In other words, when folks feel like the economy is hunky-dory, stocks go up, and when people see or hear rumors about economic problems, it goes down. As Daniel J. But by the time the masses catch on, most of the riches are already taken. The herd remains in a perpetual state of vulnerability, always trying to get to the top and letting the moods of others cloud their judgment.

    The Internet is a breeding ground for herd mentality. Not only is it easy for online users to find throngs of other individuals who share their brand of crazy, but it shields everyone under a cloak of anonymity , which gives people the freedom to let go of their social restraints. Roaming virtual gangs harass others in Internet forums while picking up supporters along the way.

    On the plus side, the Internet mob mentality occasionally works for good, such as when the proposed SOPA act threatened to limit free speech and create unnecessary censorship on the Internet.

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    • Everyone—from Google to bloggers—was participating in blackouts. The extreme backlash showed lawmakers there was no way the people would stand for such an act, and thus the mob prevailed. Pingback: Conformity and the shocking power of peer pressure The Weekly Show. Pingback: Mob Mentality Hacking Agag. Words, Words, Words.