Bikes, Dreams, and the Inner Life

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Now you can see why it is so important that you really examine the psychic atmosphere of the dream. The dream gives you the full psychic picture, which includes both consciousness and the unconscious. Then I called my mother, who answered her phone, but did not realize she had answered it. It was as though she picked up to place a call just before it rang. She was having a conversation with my grandmother. I was calling out to her and calling out to her, but to no response. At the time, the dreamer thought that everything was fine with her mother — that she had worked out her childhood issues.

This dream opened her eyes to the fact that something about her relationship with her mother had left her stranded and abandoned. Fuel is liquid energy. It is absolutely necessary for the life of the car. Our cars need fuel in order to get us to our destinations. Throughout this post we have talked about the car as a symbol for the forces which carry us through the various stages of life.

Psychic energy manifests in many different forms. Sometimes it is slow and steady. Other times it comes in the form of steadfast patience. reviews

It can move upward or downward, inward or outward. So, when you dream of running out of gas, then you have to ask yourself, what type of energy is appropriate for this stage of my life? Dreams about cars running out of fuel are symbolic of the possibility of not having enough life force for whatever situation the dream symbolizes.

Again, examine the atmosphere and general mood of your dream.

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Where are you going? What does this place symbolize for you? I had a fight with my live-in partner of 7 years and this is a reoccurring thing, where he flys off handle for nothing and verbally attacks me. Later that day, I was going to drop off a birthday card for my adult son who lives with his dad, my ex-husband. My son ended up working late, so my ex-husband invited me to stay and visit for awhile.

I rarely see or talk to my ex or see my son at their house also my old house, so a lot of memories for me there.

Inner Life Option – Strength Weekly

We had a nice visit, catching up, maybe for about an hour and then I left. Meanwhile, tensions are still high at home and my partner and I are not speaking. I go to bed and have my dream. I am getting increasingly anxious, but then I wake up before I hit the car behind me. Actually, when the dream first starts, I am in the back seat, but end up in front seat, but that is when my foot gets stuck and I cannot reach brake pedal.

I would really like to know why I dreamt this. Our dreams are related just as much to our attitude toward life as they are to our current situation. I would say that you should explore your attraction to this partner: why do you find yourself with such a man? Interesting dynamic. That you cannot stop it would indicate a certain level of powerlessness to this situation. Change that by becoming conscious.

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You are tangled up. You wake up before you strike the other car. Anytime we have recurring dreams, they have a specific aim and usually are addressing a situation in which we all to often find ourselves. The difference between the meaning of those two words is significant and would affect the meaning of the dream. This dream left me very unsettled. In fact, an hour later after waking it was bothering me so badly I googled its meaning and found this site.

European Bike Week Faaker See 2019 - The Movie

This dream is very elaborate- all my dreams are. So I am at a university, but I am there for a work conference. The university is where they have assigned dorm rooms for the overflow audience who could not get into the main hotel. I drove my car to the event which is odd because in real life I always fly to these events. I am at the hotel and I need to get back to my dorm room. I am really lost, I cannot get my bearings where I am in the hotel.

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I finally see like a customer service station and I tell the woman I am not only lost, I am missing both my keys to the hotel and some type of small gift that I won in a purple velvet drawstring sack. The woman leaves and comes back with a box and just dumps it out in front of me. There is a point being made that all my staff are much better than I am. I eat and have some champagne but now I am worried about driving being stopped by police. There is a small loaf of delicious white bread.

I take that with me to take back to the dorm. I go back to the customer service desk because I cannot find my way out of this enormous hotel. She asks me what I am trying to find and I say the exit because I need to get back to the dorm.

She says the exit is around the corner but there is shuttle service to the parking lot. I just have to call I do this numerous times, and am either cut off or cannot understand heavy accent the person.

Dreams About Traveling – Meaning and Interpretation

Finally, I think the 4th attempt I get through to someone who can actually help me. She tells me to look for what station I am at. Now I just have to get to the shuttle before it leaves. I run across the foyer to the elevator. It is unlike any elevator I have ever seen. As I walk in I can see all the people are very elite, very wealthy. I know I am an imposter but maybe with such a quick ride no one will question me. I see men in suits and then a whole bunch of young students some in red and black and some in purple and gold- they are wearing Greek Symbols in black against their chest.

I realize they are a fraternity. For what ever reason, I think they will think I am one of them if I take fishing line and a fishing hook and attach it to my right cheek. My dad got the hook out but I was freaked out and panicked. So now I am out of the elevator and I make the bus to the parking lot. My daughter has now joined me and we are just happy to be getting back to the dorm. It is night time.

I start my car and I have no lights. I cannot get them to turn on.

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