92 Color Paintings of Cecilia Beaux - American Society Portraitist (May 1, 1855 - September 7, 1942)

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Search Digital Archive. Russell A. Reset Search. Your search did not match any documents. Tagged in:. View Document. Nadeem N. Corinne Robinson Alsop Cole family papers.

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Corinne Roosevelt Robinson papers. Josephine Preston Peabody papers. Josephine Preston Peabody Additional papers. Letters of Kahlil Gibran to Witter Bynner. Letters from various correspondents, Witter Bynner papers. Gibran first left Becharreh for the United States at the age of 12 with his parents and returned at the age of 16 and lived in his native village until he was 20 when he and his mother returned to America. In America he was befriended by a good woman and so went forward with his studies in art and literature in particular and rewarded those who had been interested in him by being a success.

When his native village heard of his death and his desire to be buried in his home town, they interviewed the French High Commissioner who responded splendidly. The Fabre Line brought the body to Beirut gratis and at Beirut the body was received by the High Commissioner, Army officials, boy scouts, etc. The procession from Beirut via Tripoli to Becharreh was a triumphal procession.

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At every village there were ever-green arches and the procession tarried while village notables made speeches. The funeral procession was the joyous kind of funeral that one thinks one would like. The bedouin rode to and fro giving displays of horsemanship, banners were flying, bands were playing, and bells were ringing as far as the homecoming of a victor. There were constant accessions to the train of automobiles and the home village was crowded with delegations from villages as far as 50 and 60 miles away. One said, "It is a pity that Khalil did not come home and learn what we thought of him but we are glad to have him rest among us and we rejoice in his success.

Al-Sanabil [The Spikes of Grain] is a commemorative anthology of his works that was presented to him at an Arrabitah banquet. Letter of Gibran to Cecilia Beaux c. She was a near-contemporary of American artist Mary Cassatt and also received her training in Philadelphia and France. Her sympathetic renderings of the American ruling class made her one of the most successful portrait painters of her era.

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Felix Faris papers. Felix recorded his impressions of Gibran in his journal and, when his friend died, he published in Lebanon excerpts from them and exchanged letters. Is this what I sought, my Salwa, When I left you and my home? And behold me now, in a night Whose ears are deaf to my cries, Whose eyes are blind unto my grief. But what if my morn should come? And the star of my morn should rise?

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What would they bring save a memory To a heart over-burdened with memories? O my thoughts, my stricken thoughts, Fly not towards my homeland, And enter not into my house, Lost, you touch with your dark wings The sleep-veiled eyelids of my mate. He never saw Gibran again, and kept the manuscript safe as a precious relic of the great man and poet.

Thomas Lynch Raymond, Jr. April 26, — October 4, served two non-consecutive terms as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey from to and again from to Ship Manifest Spaarndam, Ship Manifest Saint Paul, Ship Manifest Nieuw Amsterdam, Floyd Elliot Starr was the founder and president of the Starr Commonwealth for Boys in Albion, Michigan, which he guided for more than fifty years.

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In , he was able to purchase forty acres of land on Montcalm Lake and established his own nonprofit home and residential school for delinquent, homeless, and neglected boys, that later became the Starr Commonwealth for Boys. Mary Haskell Minis, Diary undated [Folder ]. Minis Family Papers, , Subseries 2.

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Carolyn A. Gibran et al, v.

Annie Salem Otto], Georgia Archive 6 no. Mary K. The original complaint was filed on January 28, , and the case was closed on July 10, Letter to poet Orrick Glenday Johns June 2, — July 8, , in part: "How more than gracious of you to send me this remarkable sonnet. It delights me exceedingly, and though it reveals a world beyond my reach I cannot but be moved by it. And what is this in life that sustains us, we poor children of hunger and thirst, but that which intensifies our thirst and deepens our hunger?

Is it not the unattainable that loves and comforts us? And may I not know more of you and your work? Indeed it would give me a real pleasure to read your poetry. And if some happy chance should find you again in this city, I would be very glad to see you and talk with you…many thanks for that wonderful sonnet. Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway. In , Johns rose to literary prominence after winning a poetry contest for his piece 'Second Avenue,' ousting Edna St.

Into the Light: Cecilia Beaux’s perceptive portraits, 2 – from – The Eclectic Light Company

Vincent Millay's famed 'Renascence. Louis, Missouri , Sat, Apr 11, Letter of Barbara Young to Mr. Young states 'You have been many times in my thoughts since the hour you spent with the great pictures in the Studio' and continues 'All that is now over. We are sailing May 4th for England, then the continent and eventually Syria.

The pictures will go almost intact to Beshari', adding that some will remain in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Cecilia Beaux

Young further adds 'I am sending you a sketch which Gibran once sent me in a letter - and was therefore by his own hand. This is my recognition of your beautiful understanding of his work. A photo album kept by Barbara Young and used as a scrapbook to house photographs from an exhibit she curated in at the Sherman Square Hotel in New York City of the works of Kahlil Gibran.

This Album is now part of the private collection of Glen Kalem. Letter of Kahlil Gibran to James Oppenheim circa Letter to James Oppenheim — , author and editor of the short-lived Seven Arts magazine. It might interest you to read it. I have been wrestling with an angel and a devil during the past two months. And it is indeed terrible to be between two powers so different.

In a week or so I shall leave town for a much needed rest in the country.

19th-century American women artists

May I not see you before I go? In , Gibran was preoccupied with the war in his native Syria, actively soliciting funds and suffering emotional distress at any war news; although he diverted his energy toward writing, the predominant theme from this period was death. In September he left New York to visit his sister on Cape Cod hoping to relieve this building stress, but suffered a nervous breakdown. Callum E. You, Marie, are like the pure morning breeze carrying the fragrance of flowers and breaths of bouquets. So, when I think of you I feel an internal ease as though my spirits have been bathed by waves of this perfumed breeze.

Christmas has passed but it did not leave in my heart except regret, longing, and sad memories. However, I put on the appearance of happiness and joy before those whom I like and who like me.